Manchester, 2016

I see you, universe. Out there saying stuff.

So, ingratitude. I can say with clarity that this comes from the expectations we hold on others. We become ungracious when we have expectations for something more than what we receive. When I expect something from someone else and when I don’t receive what we expect, then I become frustrated at them. This can lead to anger and rash action. Worse, it leads to disappointment, sadness, and a sense of greed and “being owed.”

The world owes us nothing. Anything we have is temporary. Focusing on what is not, rather than what is leads to a dissonance. A sense of ingratitude for what we do have.

I’d like to think I’ve made it to the point where I get mad when people don’t live up to my expectations, rational or irrational, but then I have developed this little bit of wisdom. This little part that lets me just be mad for a bit. Reach out to the people I love. Feel supported by them, and then just Elsa that shit. You know?

Let it go.

Then focus on the good around me. Be gracious for that.