The Worm, Tequila Bar, San Antonio, 2013

So, drinking. Alcoholic. Craving alcohol. That stuff.

I’m just going to following Hemingway’s advice to never open a new bottle of alcohol, just drink what is around. That seemed to work out for him. Well, now that I think about it…

Drinking, I think, is something that I can take or leave. I maybe drink to feel a buzz 1-2 a month and can recall on one hand the number of times a year I have been over the legal limit. My preference is usually a drink or two of whiskey or scotch—or some other bitter cocktail. I tend to like the taste and the exotic nature of those kind of drinks. Wine is enjoyable sometimes at dinner and I am a fan of bubbles and prosecco.

I don’t know that I have ever craved alcohol. I think when I’m stressed, I lean more to craving sleep or shutting down some. I suppose there are times where having alcohol paired with events like Christmas or Thanksgiving—maybe there was some anticipation. But I think I’d describe that as different than a craving.

I think some of my public persona is someone who drinks more than I do. Some of this it related to the drinks I like. Stronger and more flavorful spirits like Campari and absinthe. Things that go along with the idea of alcoholism. That and I think when I do drink more, its usually in a social setting with friends. And that is when we tend to drink a little more (I’m looking at you BVB Palooza). So, people tend to assume I drink that way all the time.

But why is this on the list to begin with? I think it is more about the idea of tuning out from experience, dulling your senses and distracting yourself from unwanted thoughts or unrealized dreams. There are times when drinking for me became a way to lower inhibitions or change my mood when I was feeling sad or lonely. I suppose this is not as bad as trying to drink to enhance emotions, to relax and to have a better time then you might without alcohol. Although, I’ve working with enough college students in counseling to know that drinking to relax can be a problem as well. I used to say in my trainings to those bad boys and girls who got caught on campus drinking too much, “think about the times you drink. What emotions are you having? Like overwhelmed? Stressed out? Happy? Now think about that emotion and ask yourself if every time you feel that way you turn to drinking.”

So, I suppose it comes down to moderation in some aspect. Drinking to enhance or to relax, but not ever time. Drinking to enjoy experiences or to be social, but also having fun social times without drinking. Its finding that middle ground.


Oh, I forgot. So, my flask. Jameson Yellow Dot. Delicious. And Silver Oak traveling with us for dinner tonight with some close friends.