Amsterdam March 2015

I like to write. I feel like all those books and articles I’ve written are an indication of that. But more than writing for profit or education, writing is way for me to process. To think about things in life. Over the years (decades), I’ve kept an assortment of journals and scrapbooks. Maybe I’ll post some things from there here on this blog. I’m not sure.

And maybe that’s part of this as well. Not being sure. And just embracing that. When everything has a structure to it–a set of expectations, it changes the creation. The audience influences the writing. So here is a place where I carve out spot for me, audience or no, to reflect and write. Without an expectation or structure. Unless I want a structure. And then I’ll have one of those.

I’ve posted some things on Facebook (ha). I know…I’ve lived a lot of my life on Facebook. The food pictures alone… I toyed with the idea of doing this there as well. But I didn’t like the idea of forcing this each in my friend’s news feeds. If people do read this, perhaps its better if they wander over to me. Linger some, rather than me evangelizing to them. It’s one of my pet peeves about Christianity–this idea that something with value has to be sold. That it has to be proselytized. I actually had to look that up– ‘proselytize’  “convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.” Which is kind of the point. As an aside, its one of the parts I respect most respect about Judaism and Buddhism. The lack of proselytizing. They don’t show up at your door knocking (I’m looking at you, Walter). There’s a seeking that is required. And that’s what I’m feeling here with this blog. Some seeking.

Stephen King addresses those out there as his “constant reader”–I don’t know what to call people who follow this. I’m certainly not looking for followers or attention here. Well, let’s be fair, I’m not looking for that as the primary purpose.  I want a place to organize my thoughts. To work on some things that I have put off to the side.

And hey, maybe some of these thoughts will resonate with you. Maybe some will be different. Either way, I’m seeing each day like a blank page and committing to something  apart from my work, my faith—all those things that define and structure me.

I like the idea of intentionality. Pointing at something you want and moving toward it.

This here? This is for me. It’s something I want.

But maybe it’s for you as well.

Also, all spice dram is in my flask right now. I made it myself after falling in love with it (I do this a lot) in Pittsburgh last year. Its rum-based and out of Jamaica, which is why its been so damn hard to get here in New Hampshire. So I made some. My favorite is with Bourbon and cherry.

The flask itself I found in New Orleans (which let’s all pause for moment of surprise). Its old and covered in leather and keeps TSA people when I’m traveling ask “is this a glasses case?”